More often than not, we are parachuted in to either lay the foundations for an IPO, or pick up and re-build stocks where other agencies have failed to deliver in the aftermarket. We are storytellers, media specialists and strategic counsel, who are advocates for business and that of our clients.

Financial PR

In the listed world, our focus sits predominantly around media relations, clarity and positioning of investment arguments, shareholder liaison, calendar support, bulletin board analysis and social media to help drive buying and bolster a share price. We also work with companies to build analyst, broker and wider stakeholder followings. 

Similarly, we are increasingly supporting companies raising capital through the debt and bond markets with offices in London, Leeds and Zurich, we are well covered.

IPOs and M&A

Investors want to understand you. They like to hear a clear, compelling story that helps them evaluate your investment proposition. We have decades of experience in creating and telling these arguments and over 120 IPOs under our belts.  

Transactions are the same. The markets reward clever, well executed communications strategies. But these plans need to be integrated, covering employees, partners, customers, regulators, analysts, investors and affinity communities.

Direct Stakeholder Engagement

Today’s burdensome regulatory environment has made it increasingly difficult for UK PLCs to present their investment arguments to retail communities, leaving stones unturned and questions unanswered.

Yellow Jersey’s Direct Stakeholder Engagement Service meets the needs of time-poor management seeking impactful face time with sophisticated investors through a variety of physical and digital mediums.

Investor Relations

As part of any public company programme, targeted investor relations needs to be considered at opportune junctures in any financial calendar. Alongside a client’s broker, we help influence analyst, private client broker and fund manager perceptions.

With a London and Leeds presence, we are one of the only agencies to be truly ‘local’ on both sides of the North-South divide, executing seamless IR campaigns across all the key investment territories. We are networked to bring communities to hear compelling investment opportunities.

Our direct shareholder engagement programmes, hosted primarily in London and Leeds, have been a big hit for those clients seeking to harness their retail investor following. We have case studies that point to a doubling of a share price in a matter of a few months.


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