The increased pace of competition means that establishing a positive brand has never been more useful in driving trust and loyalty. The explosion in channels means that it takes careful and deliberate nurturing. Our starting point is always crafting a compelling story and then defining the most effective way of telling it to target audiences.

Brand PR

The best way to think about a brand is like a person’s reputation. People may consider how it looks, but what really matters is what is said and done. Our role is to help you bring these to life. 

We can connect with your audiences both directly and indirectly. We have an especially strong track record in using the media to build favourability, but increasingly work with clients on building their connections directly through digital channels.

Trade PR

Experience shows that business to business brand building starts in the backyard. Fostering strong, positive relationships with your trade media and influencers is a significant first step – especially for those in alternative sectors such as blockchain, fine wine investment and medical cannabis.  

The most important factors are to define your story, demonstrate expertise and to make it easy for busy journalists. We work seamlessly with our clients to do each of these.

Employee engagement

Being on the same “hymn sheet” was made famous in Westminster. We believe this inside out approach is spot on. Not only does it engage and align your team, but it allows you to project your brand more effectively. 

Our team has worked on global employee engagement programmes for some of the world’s largest companies, covering culture, mergers, crises, contracts, restructuring and change.


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Why Yellow Jersey PR
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