Our clients work in increasingly complex and connected environments. Perception can be as important as reality, with sentiment shifting wildly, often driven by social content. So, it has never been more important to think holistically about how events and issues will be perceived and how to use them to tell your story.


Clear, strong stories are vital. It is the only meaningful way to cut through the noise. Your story provides the foundation to build all your communications on.

Our role is to help you define and refine yours. An expert, external view to give you honest feedback on what will and will not work – the latter is often underrated.

We always start with your fundamentals and what matters to your target markets. Then craft a narrative that sets you apart.


Credibility has to be earned. Demonstrating insight, understanding and capability is a great way of doing that. Using your story as a starting point, we design programmes to bring it to life in a multi-channel environment.

The rise of digital hasn’t changed the truth of this one bit. Instead, it presents new opportunities for smart organisations to think holistically and create a more direct connection with stakeholders through targeted themes.


Fail to plan, plan to fail. This remains an absolute truth. The real value add is in creating plans that translate strategy into clear workflows, but remain always focused on the results.

This is our skill – we see the big picture, but have a bias to action, whether integrated communications, media relations or employee engagement. We approach each client plan with fresh eyes and a clear route for delivery.

We have experience in planning internationally and locally, for blue chips and start-ups, long-term and short-term, and for brand building and issues management.


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Why Yellow Jersey PR
Why Yellow Jersey PR
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