The majority of issues that an organisation faces are chronic rather than acute. While we can start at the point of crisis, masterminding and delivering communications, our preferred approach is to help organisations identify, evaluate and prepare for likely scenarios.

Crisis management

When the muck starts flying, you want someone who will stand beside you, shoulder to shoulder, helping mitigate risk. Someone who will help focus only on the things that matter and can give your team the time to crack on. This is what we offer.

Our approach is deceptively simple – tell the truth as quickly as possible in the way that is most consistent with your values and culture.

We work around the clock for clients to help them in an intelligent, sensitive manner.

Contingency planning

Inevitable surprises are rarely inevitable. We have developed a model to help our clients identify risks, then create the systems and processes to manage them.

Similarly, we can start from your existing crisis plan to build communications in your systems, both external and internal.


In high pressure situations, the clearer your team and partners are on what is expected of them, the more likely you are to minimise reputational damage. 

Preparation should be comprehensive and practical. No horror stories of the crisis plan being stored on the shelf of the office that you can no longer access.


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Why Yellow Jersey PR
Why Yellow Jersey PR
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